Born with love, made with passion

We want you to know that behind every dish there are many stories intertwining with ours and many hands participating to make sure the end result is impeccable.


Our purpose is to make sure that the products we transform are very high quality, as much as possible locally produced and always fresh. We are always looking to innovate and evolve and our inspiration comes from cuisines from around the world.


Our menu is especially inspired by Mediterranean and Caribbean foods prepared and adapted to local ingredients and recipes. Our best allies are the producers and small, local businesses that help us bring our ideas to life.


Relax and enjoy. Remember you’re not in a big city but in a small mountain town with different rhythms and customs. Take advantage of the nature that surrounds you, of watching the hummingbirds flying around you and of breathing fresh air.


Welcome to our house, bon appetite!

Gourmet Farm to Table with a twist

Welcome to Restaurante Colibrí (which means hummingbird), please feel at home.


We are a couple with a strong passion for good food and wine who decided to follow a different path. We started the restaurant in 2016 when we saw the potential Chiriqui’s land offers.


We decided to take advantage of that abundance to offer fresh, high quality, flavorful food connected to the earth and the hands that cultivate it.


Colibrí has slowly grown thanks to a lot of love, patience, teamwork and just a pinch of magic. It is a restaurant that represents a dream and has a very dedicated team working hard to offer you a unique and memorable experience. 

"Colibri is in a great location with an awesome atmosphere. We really enjoyed the outdoor seating, the food was amazing, they had a great selection of drinks, and the owner and staff were friendly and engaged. I would 10/10 recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting or permanently located in Boquete."

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Your Gourmet Experience Powered by Our Passion for Food

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 9:00pm

Sunday 11am to 1pm brunch  1pm to 8:30pm regular menu

Closed on Monday